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This drag-and-drop tool allows you to easily transform any mesh (even animated!) into a fluffy & wooly felt toy - craft adorable felt models directly within Blender thanks to its powerful Geometry Nodes workflow :D
Works for Blender 3.6 and above


  • It is fully procedural node that you can use on any object and fully supports animated and rigged objects!
  • Instanced based workflow, for ultra-quick viewport performances , allowing you to handle tens of thousands of curves in real time
  • For further optimisation, there's also a smart Camera Culling option, to remove any unnecessary fuzz outside of the camera view that might be hurting performances
  • You can animate the felt either on the entire mesh, or even on specific regions of the mesh that are getting deformed! (adds a lot to the realism)
  • Comes with a material that is optimised for cycles and supports procedural texturing as well as image texturing from the original object

V1.2 is out!

V1.2 Changlog:

  • Added Backface Culling, optimising viewport performances and render time by only computing felt facing the camera! This option is a tickbox, as you might not always want it on.
  • Vertex groups support for any region-specific felt. So if you only want part of your mesh to have felt, just create a new vertex group and assign it to its slot in the geometry nodes modifier.
  • General/Local and Holdout tickboxes have been removed, the tool now automatically switches to local deformation animation when a delayed duplicate mesh is in the slot. Similarly, the Holdout is now only active if a mesh/collection is in the respective holdout slot.
  • Fully reworked the Holdout calculations, so that felt doesn't spawn inside of the holdout meshes. In previous versions, it would only prevent felt to spawn around the edges of the holdouts, and not inside.
  • Finally, added exposed slot for Holdout collection.

V1.1 Changelog:

  • Simplifying the appending process, so that less clutter comes with it. Before, appending the geometry node in a new scene imported stuff like the camera and a holdout object and would not append the Felt_mtl. Now, simply Append the "AL_Felt_V1.1_GN" and everything you need should come with it!
  • Improvement to the culling workflow, by switching from the confusing meter values to actual aspect ratio values or pixel resolution - for example 16 by 9 or 1920 by 1080 instead of the previous messy setup of 1m by 0.35m. The padding also now behaves better (changed it to a default of 1.1, so less than 1 will dig into your frame and more than 1 will give you more padding).
  • Background changes to optimise and de-clutter the node flow.

Demo video:

I hope you'll enjoy this tool and do feel free to reach out for any feedback, or if there are any bugs!

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Felt Generator | Blender Geo Nodes

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